This Schon! Magazine Men's Editorial Takes Place in a Laundry Mat

This playful men's fashion editorial for Schon! Magazine is set in a laundry mat, and focuses on young men keeping themselves occupied while performing a typically boring task. Photographer Georgia Nerheim is behind the 'Laundry Day' series, which has a childish spirit behind it.

These shots capture lots of plaid boxers, t-shirts, pajama pants and tube socks (after all, it is laundry day). Models Martin Conte, Abiah Hostvedt, Duncan Proctor, Paul Boche and Ronald Epps goof around in this intriguing chore themed series. Some of these characters swing from drying racks while other squeeze into open dryers. These boxer-clad individuals do their best to keep busy while they do their laundry.

Try as they might to hide their boredom, these handsome laundry mat dwellers sport blank stares and pouts in this youthful series.