The Laufnitzdorf House is an Eccentrically Modern Farm

 - Dec 19, 2013
References: & homesandhues
The Laufnitzdorf House shows one way in which a house can simultaneously blend into its scenery while also standing out. It is almost entirely covered in grass, minus the windows of course. Yet as eccentric as the Laufnitzdorf House is, it somehow makes complete sense. Of course, it helps that it belongs to a farmer. One that appreciates being different.

Designed by Reinhold Weichlbauer and Albert Josef Ortis of Weichlbauer Ortis Architects, the Laufnitzdorf House is located in Frohnleiten, Austria. Ortis states, "The client is a nonconformist type. Only an unconventional person can handle this kind of architecture." Interestingly, the interior of the Laufnitzdorf House is as modern as the exterior. It would have been more expected if it was rustic.