This Understated Salon is Located in the Swiss Town of Laufen

 - Jun 9, 2015
This upscale hair salon is located in the quiet Swiss town of Laufen, which resides in the canton of Basel-Country. The spacious interior almost resembles a Yin Yang symbol in that half of its space is moody, dark and black, while the other is well-lit, white and vibrant.

The intriguing space is the Kuntzmann le Coiffeur's new home, having recently moved into it from a smaller former home. The long black wall is magnetic and serves as a moodboard for the employees, while it also features an elevated stage portion on which the hair-washing chairs sit.

The chic hair salon uses bright towels and makes the most of its monochrome color scheme by adding subtle pops of color whenever possible, including an Instagram-worthy gradient display of various colorfully packaged shampoos.