Arbre Numerique is Compact, Contemporary and Clutter-Reducing

 - Dec 11, 2012
Flatscreen TVs ushered in a new generation of entertainment units that can finally have tiny footprints and assume smaller areas in well-used rooms. L'Arbre Numerique is a shallow television stand that seems to float in its wall-mounted position.

Its defining feature, however, is probably the vertical track. This acts both as a support system for the cubby and the TV while doubling as a casing for the passage of electronic cables. Even with your LCD, your Blu-ray disc player, your receiver and your gaming console all arranged around the shelves of l'Arbre Numérique, there is surprisingly no visible mess caused by that common tangle of cords.

François-Xavier Martouzet's piece incorporates further contemporary aesthetic punch with a range of bright colors and a quirky asymmetry that teases the eye and visually challenges the concept of balance.