Dave Cole's Sculptural Alternatives Look Good and Don't Speak

 - Feb 28, 2009   Updated: Jun 12 2011
References: theknittingmachine
These sculptural mixed-media forms were created by Dave Cole. Taken as a group, they are called “The Trophy Wives.” Cole doesn't say much about his intent, so it's left to the observer to decide what he had in mind, or what they bring up.

What does one make of shiny, lifeless female forms with horns? Do they really inspire desire? Is there hidden animal attraction? Are they useful?

Implications - These are the questions that the artist would like you to ask yourself while looking at his works. Dave Cole has said that Cate McQuaid had accused him of "encouraging a lusty gaze" with his 'Trophy Wives.' Cole doesn't mind that accusation by saying that the objects are full of darkness and are acceptable to desire.