'L'Angolo Estate' Has a Roof Designed to Passively Manage Natural Light

 - Feb 21, 2018
References: archdaily
'L'Angolo Estate', a publicly accessible vineyard facility in Newberg, Oregon, features a design that passively manages its temperature, creating a more environmentally friendly building as a whole. The key factor behind that design is the building's roof, which features an offset angle that allows for a skylight and air flow out of the interior simultaneously.

The angle of L'Angolo Estate's roof is precise. Cool air tends to blow over the vineyard from the open side of the building, and the roof's angle thus channels some of that air into the interior through the open windows on the windward side. The angle then forces the warm air inside the building upward and outward, where it channels out through the skylight gap in the upper leeward side.

Image Credit: Jeremy Bitterman