Yang Yongliang Serves Up His Landscape Artwork in Bowls

 - Mar 26, 2013
References: artsyrup.tumblr & neatorama
Yang Yongliang's landscape artwork is served with steaming bowls of cloudy mountains and bodies of water. The pieces are titled A Bowl of Taipei. Taipei City is the capital of Taiwan, so in other words, Yang has placed parts of this stunning city into oriental dishes.

Unfortunately, the artwork is not edible, but it is certainly something special to feast your eyes on. Yang has done a fantastic job in combining the landscapes with the bowls. Using excellent fading techniques and photo manipulations, both elements flow seamlessly.

Yang's landscape artwork would be the perfect travel promotion for Taipei City. I'm certainly intrigued in exploring what Taipei would have on the menu as Yang has certainly made it look like something I'd like to try.