The Landfill Orchestra in Paraguay Make Instruments from Junk

 - Apr 14, 2013
References: youtube & thisiscolossal
This inspirational documentary takes a look at a dumpster-diving landfill Orchestra from Paraguay.

The beautiful story tells the tale of a devastatingly poor village called Cateura in Paraguay, which is ridden with poverty, gangs and violence. One day, a young boy named Nicolás Gómez was picking through the garbage and came across something that resembled a violin. The young villager took his find to musician Favio Chávez and the pair were then inspired to make a set of instruments from whatever resources they could find in the garbage piles. Amazingly, the duo went on to build a cello, flute and drum before coming up with the wild idea to create a fully fledged orchestra.

This heart-warming story shows the joy and hope that music can bring, even to the most deprived areas of the world and shows that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.