LaFlamme Natura+ Windows Eliminate the Need for Harsh Chemical Cleaners

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: laflamme
Though there are environmentally friendly window cleaners on the market, LaFlamme Natura+ windows eliminate the need for cleansers altogether. Regardless of how sustainable and biodegradable one's choice of cleaner is, it's simply easier to go without it, and the LaFlamme Natura+ windows allow consumers to do just that.

The self-cleaning window technology works through two of the most abundant natural resources in the world: sunshine and rain. The windows are covered in a nanomaterial that has no impact on the transparency of the glass. The Sun's energy activates the material, which loosens any dirt that might be caked on. Then, whenever it rains, the dirt on the outside of the window washes away on its own. Further, the inside is covered in the same nanomaterial, meaning that dirt on the inner side of the window can be scrubbed away with ease.