Ladbrokes' Quiz Uncovers the Cleverest Smartphone Users

 - Mar 28, 2014
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This post was written by Kirsty Thompson.

What does your phone say about you? A recent survey conducted by Ladbrokes has asked smartphone users to complete an intelligence test to see who has the quickest wits. The online quiz named The Test of Wits asked users to solve seven brainteasers, each question having a multiple choice of answers.

Two questions on the test were:

1. How many 9s are there between 1 and 100?
2. How many months have 28 days?

1000 smartphone users took the test, and Ladbrokes analysed the results to discover who the cleverest phone users were and who were not. Before beginning the test, participants had to select which type of smartphone they were using. Ladbrokes calculated how long on average it took users of each phone type to complete the test.

Check out the results to find out what your phone says about you:

1st - iPhone
iPhone users proved to have the quickest wits by completing the test in 94 seconds.

2nd - Nexus
Nexus users came second by finishing the test in 99 seconds. If you own a Nexus you can congratulate yourself on being second best.

3rd - Samsung
In third place were Samsung users, who completed the test in an average of 103 seconds. It's worth mentioning that a Samsung user finished in the fastest time overall- 47 seconds!

4th - HTC
HTC users came in the bottom three, completing the test in 105 seconds.

5th - Nokia
With an average of 109 seconds, Nokia users came second to last. Oh well, could be worse, they could have been...

6th - BlackBerry
It took BlackBerry users 118 seconds to complete 'The Test of Wits'. BlackBerry’s are a little bit slower than iPhone - not being designed for fun and games like the iPhone - and perhaps the results of the test say more about the phones themselves than the users.

So, has Ladbrokes classed you as an quick-witted iPhone user, or a below-average BBMer? Maybe it's time for an upgrade?