This Lactary Provides a Comfortable Space for Moms and Babies

 - Jun 20, 2016
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Today in Peru, nursing rooms for mom and baby in the workplace are mandatory, but what happens when moms go shopping? All is ok until a baby gets hungry and mom has to find some place to sit and breastfeed. Unfortunately, Peruvian society still thinks this act of love is a public exposition. Sadly, this leaves mom and baby feeling uncomfortable and the experience is not very pleasant.

Maternelle Peru, a leader in the field of innovative products for moms and babies, in alliance with one of the largest shopping centers in Peru, Real Plaza, realized the problem and decided to take action and implement the first lactary. Access is totally free and facilitates breastfeeding in a comfortable, intimate atmosphere that's 100% hygienic. The space was designed as a baby room with comfortable couches, lactation pillows and more.

This initiative was well received. After opening the 'Real Plaza - sede Primavera,' the 'Real Plaza - sede Salaverry' launched in 2015. This year, they are projected to continue implementing these spaces in other malls.