The Lace Tape Turns Ordinary Objects Pretty and Feminine

 - Nov 29, 2011
References: oboiler & bookofjoe
As popular as lace has been in the fashion industry of late, it doesn’t have to used just in a person’s wardrobe as the Lace Tape shows. This feminine fabric could add a pretty aesthetic to just about anything it wraps around (with the possible exceptions of some things such as sporting goods and beer bottles). Now that it is available as an handy adhesive, things like cardboard moving boxes can look as stylish as the items they are storing.

Designed by Karl Zahn, the Lace Tape could also symbolize wealth and power in addition to taste. As the Lace Tape website puts it, "kings and aristocrats used to stick it on everything." Suitable for all purposes, Lace Tape is sure to make any special. It is available in black and white.