La Stanza dello Scirocco Light Throws Darkness About the Room

 - Jan 26, 2012
References: & muuuz
One of the intriguing features of a room's interior is not the pieces within it exactly, but the shadows that the objects cast, bringing mystery and movement into a space. The Alessi la Stanza dello Scirocco light explores this concept of creating silhouettes, doing so straight from the source with a compelling pixelated facade made from a mosaic of steel shards.

Each little rectangular plate is connected by its corners and edges to other lustrous "leaves," forming an abstract lattice of chaotic geometries. The elaborate shell of the table lamp bulges rigidly and narrows again towards the top. This shape encloses the lightbulb almost completely and covers all walls and the ceiling with a fragmentary pattern of illumination, contrasted with blocks of darkness. Mirroring the intricate lighting effects of the sun through trees canopies, Mario Trimarchi created his la Stanza dello Scirocco light to bring a dynamic quality to dull domestic spaces.