L. Condoms are Women-Empowering and Environmentally Sustainable

Founder Talia Frenkel has created a line of condoms called L. Condoms which are incredibly environmentally friendly and are geared more towards women. The L.Condom was developed as a way to blend social entrepreneurship and safe sex. The L. Condom was also created to help bring down the numbers of people affected with AIDS and HIV in Africa. Every day, there are over 5,000 people infected with HIV and 4,000 AIDS related deaths a day all throughout the continent of Africa.

One of the incentives for Talia Frenkel was that condom companies mainly target men in their ads and even in the design of the condoms. She wanted to be able to make a condom strictly geared towards women, because it is important they have protection too.

The L. Condoms are super eco-friendly. They are made from natural latex that is glycerin- and paraben-free. They come in 100% recyclable packaging and are triple-tested for quality. Another great thing about these condoms is that for every one bought, one will be donated in a developing country, so you will be doing a good thing for yourself and for someone else who needs it as well.

Frenkel is also working on collaborating with social enterprise programs that are female-run that will give condoms to women who can sell them, which will give them an opportunity to develop their livelihood through economic empowerment.

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