The Kyle James Dunn Vacation Series is Psychedelic

The Kyle James Dunn Vacation Series features intricately patterned steel sculptures. The Michigan native is currently a senior seeking a BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture at The Maryland Institute College of Art. He created these mixed medium sculptures using plasma-cut steel and a whole lot of creativity. Dunn's color choice reflects island horizons, perfectly covering the harsh metals with the brightness of a fun fantasy getaway.

This collection of pieces deals with the cultural myth of vacation and island getaway perpetuated by the North American culture and the continued bombardment of these projected fantasies in films or literature. This can be problematic due to the realities of the population in most of these locales. These escapist attempts are filled with an avoidable seductive artifice presented by Dunn.

However socially conscious, the intricately patterned sculptures are breathtaking to take in with all their complexities.