Kyle Bean Uses Writing Utensil Scraps for These Caricatures

 - Jul 15, 2011
References: kylebean & thisiscolossal
Kyle Bean is a Brighton-based artist and the creator of these funky pencil shaving portraits, who was commissioned by the Wallpaper Handmade Issue to create these silhouettes for the contributing writers for the magazine. The last I've seen of his work he produced an amazing 'Easter Egg' masterpiece using egg shells to recreate a chicken. These creative depictions are only made from pencil shavings, but their simplistic composition adds the creativity of these portraits. I really appreciate the monochrome color scheme for each person, as the colors added a depth and shadow that would have been impossible without them.

The artist uploaded pictures of his pieces with a picture of tweezers fiddling with the shavings. All it seems to take is an artistic eye and a pair of tweezers and a little bit of patience. This simple and accurate art work has proved that once again, Kyle Bean is the master of found object art.