The Kuranku Watch Winds Analog Up to Contemporary Tech Chic

 - Oct 9, 2013
References: tokyoflash & tuvie
You don't have to decide between a modern digital watch and a typical antique-inspired analogue chronometer, for the Kuranku Watch fills the gap quite well. With this wristwatch, you're offered the old favorite method of telling time by the dial, yet it's enhanced with hi-tech illuminating features and a very sleek design.

When Patrick first dreamed up this project for Tokyoflash, he was considering the usefulness of having a crank to wind up one's timepiece, should it run out of battery. Of course, as a contemporary techie accessory, the Kuranku Watch does not offer this strictly practical manual mechanism and it provides this retractable shaft as embellishment. Load this device up with long-life power and you'll be reading the lit-up hours and minutes for years to come.