The Kryin' Kim Tee Has No Sympathy for the Reality Tv Star

The Kryin' Kim Tee by Christopher Lee Suave has a bit of fun at the reality TV star's expense. The shirt features an illustrated version of Kim bawling her eyes out, taken from a scene in Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

There's a few things in life that will never not be funny, and Kim Kardashian's crying face is definitely one of them. There's no denying that Kim is a very beautiful woman, but her crying face leaves much to be desired.

Now, I wouldn't normally condone laughing at someone else's pain, but even Kim's family members have a hard time taking her seriously when she's making that vaguely pterodactyl-like expression. I can't guarantee anyone will take you seriously if you wear this t-shirt, either, but it'll definitely be entertaining regardless.