Kronid Gogolev Chisels Brilliant Depictions of Russian Country Life

Kronid Gogolev is a master of the lost art of wood-carving, and he isn’t about to let digital illustrators hog up all the fun. While others are fiddling away with pen tablets, Gogolev is rendering spectacular scenes of Russian rural life using a set of macho chiselling tools and, as viewers can see from these images, his work rivals that of the best contemporary artists.

Kronid Gogolev considers his creations to be paintings, and though he’s able to carve out details as fluidly as painters using brushes, not a single drop of that media mars Gogolev’s pieces. How he’s able to envision such meticulous scenes and render it out of hulking slabs of wood is truly remarkable.

Looking at pictures of the aged artist, his name Kronid, which means "Zeus," surely fits the bill as he’s essentially a woodworking god.