Bring Spring Indoors with the Kristine Five Melvaer 'Bloom' Series

Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvaer awakens spring with her latest series of light. Entitled 'Bloom,' the series has three table lamps inspired by nature. The lamps vary in size and color, yet all appear to look as if they are soon-to-bloom floral buds. Melvaer explains on her website that the design is, "associated with buds, fruits or water, while the seams in the construction are reminiscent of fibers. The steel structures have different heights, which contribute to the association of organic bodies."

A truly organic design, the shades are created using the subtle and earthy tone of canvas. Kristine Five Melvaer manages to allow users to bring the beautiful outdoors indoor with the Bloom lamp series. The connection to nature helps to establish a bond between the object and user.