Kristin Cavallari Walks the Runway in a Glass Shard Swimsuit

Kristin Cavallari walked the runway for Diesel at Miami Swim Week bearing a swimsuit that was composed of shards of glass from a Skyy Vodka bottle. Skyy Vodka was one of the sponsors for the show.

The swimsuit is a one-piece cut-out suit that is a cobalt blue color. The shards of glass cover the entire top half of the front and almost all of the bottom half in the front. The pieces sparkled and clanked down the runway leaving the viewers wondering how she didn’t need a serious band-aid job after she was done modeling the suit.

The fragments of the glass bottle are actually incredibly pretty, they look almost like ruffles. At Miami Swim Week there is a lot of competition for who will have the best show and the best swimsuits. The Skyy Vodka glass bottle suit definitely stands out uniquely from the others and Kristin Cavallari is the perfect beach beauty to adorn this suit.