The Japanese Sake KOI Utilizes a Vibrant Fish Graphic for its Bottle

 - Nov 24, 2015
References: & lovelypackage
KOI, the popular Japanese Sake, has a brand new look which displays the vivid patterning found on a Koi fish. With the fish being so popular in Japan and the beverage sharing the same look as the amphibian, this product is targeted at daily Sake drinkers and those who don't indulge in the beverage as much.

The Koi fish is a vibrant sea creature which represents Japan. Its beautifully colored markings are recognizable by most Japanese consumers as well as other shoppers from all over the world. Displaying the look of the ornamental fish, the KOI Sake bottle showcases the same orange and white markings on its spindle-shaped heroic body. The white porcelain bottle mirrors the shape of a Koi fish which furthers the brand's traditional aesthetic.

The KOI bottle comes complete with an outer box which is outfitted with a Koi-shaped window to make this product even more aesthetically pleasing.