This Kodak Moments Campaign Consists of Sentimental Imagery

 - Mar 15, 2016
References: digitalartsonline
The latest Kodak Moments campaign is promoted with a sensory journey that will be taking place at the 23rd annual South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas. While the idea of Kodak Moments is synonymous with the photography brand's famous slogan, its message is made more monumental with an immersive installation.

Promoting the brand's latest iOS app -- a platform designed to commemorate sentimental moments in a meaningful way -- the platform follows in the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram but goes one step further to customize a user's content.

Kodak's South by Southwest installation illustrates the capabilities of the brand's latest app and invites a Millennial audience to share moments with friends and family like never before. This sensory marketing tactic appeals to younger audiences and is a creative way to revive a brand once associated with a more mature clientele.