The 'Know What's F-ing Crazy' Tumblr Explores Life's Oddities

Life is full of hilarious and odd behaviour that often goes unnoticed, and the 'Know What's F-ing Crazy' Tumblr has set out to shine light on this. Everyday events and occurrences are put under investigation, with posts ranging from topics like murder, to pregnancy, and even eating. Each post dissects odd human behavior that is now considered normal, but when broken down and presented in this form, does seem very unusual. My favourite post explores how truly bizarre the wearing and production of leather is, as it sounds almost like they're describing the plot of a horror film, when it is something that occurs without many people even realizing.

The 'Know What's F-ing Crazy' blog is extremely comedic and highly intelligent, as it asks viewers to stop and think about life's bizarre events and quirks. It is updated daily with new posts, each one as mind-boggling and entertaining as the next.