Alex Chinneck's Birth, Death, and a Midlife Crisis Uses Knotted Illusions

 - Feb 7, 2018
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Artist Alex Chinneck has created an enigmatic art installation that uses knotted illusions to upend visitors' expectations about what is real and what is false. The installation features a recreated post in the 450-year-old German Museum of Kirchheim Unter Teck in Stuttgart, but the post has a massive knot that tangles the center of its support.

In order to make the knotted illusion look as convincingly real as possible, Chinneck's installation includes the twisted post as well as a straight, dummy post installed on the other side of one of the real structural supports, creating a convincing symmetry that's in line with standard building design.

The installation is also presaged by a simple broom leaning against the wall earlier in the hallway. Though uninteresting at first glance, it has a knot tied in the handle, foreshadowing the more impressive feat.

Image Credit: Charles Emerson