The Handless Knock Clock Hammers the Hour

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: adafruit & gizmodo
When you imagine a clock, your mind will usually create a visual image and leave you without much in terms of an auditory impression. Interestingly, the Knock Clock's defining feature is not its appearance, as it actually delivers the time of day through a system of sounds.

Gijs Huisman, Giorgio Uboldi and Michael-Owen Liston developed what looks like a small and nondescript wooden cube. Inside, however, a mechanism has been installed to convey the hour through repeated patterns of raps. When you wish to know the time, you simply pound lightly on the top of the box. Within seconds, the Knock Clock produces a steady thump for every hour and faster raps to represent blocks of 15 minutes. This quirky chronometer even has an alarm function.