Photographer Klaus Nigge Captures Flocks of Mexian Flamingos

 - Mar 27, 2012
References: nigge & ngm.nationalgeographic
Klaus Nigge is a photographer who specializes in capturing animals within their natural habitats. Focusing on bears, eagles and bison in the past, Nigge has recently launched a flamingo-based project in association with National Geographic. Situated in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, the images taken by Nigge reveal a remarkably tight-knit species of bird who opt for teamwork in place of egotistical activity.

The display of orange, pink and off-white hues is a distinct aspect of the Klaus Nigge flamingo display. The flock received their distinct coloring from brine shrimp, an abundant Yucatán crustacean.

In line with the remarkable pigmentation of the flamingos were their distinct behavioral patterns. Whether the flamingo's were fleeing a dangerous situation or feeding their offspring, they did so as a united team, and thus formed a beautiful display of group work.