Kjellgren Kaminsky's Eco-Friendly 'Vision for Heden' in Gothenburg,

 - Jan 21, 2009   Updated: Aug 8 2011
References: kjellgrenkaminsky.se
Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects' super-green New Heden project in Gothenburg, Sweden is already being hailed as a pair of green lungs meant to help the metropolitan area breathe. Instead of paving paradise to put up a parking lot, a la Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi," this project has done just the reverse, building 5,000 new apartments all outfitted with living green roofs on a block used for football fields and a parking lot.

Implications - Projects like this are a major step in the movement towards a greener world. Allowing for both majestic and luxurious buildings and complexes while creating a greener, friendlier place to live, 'Vison of Health' is truly revolutionary.