The Kitchenary Ritaball Blender Takes the Tediousness Out of Cooking

 - Oct 12, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
While some chefs with argue that precise stirring makes a great difference in the success of a recipe, the task of standing over a saucepan for half an hour isn't fun for anyone. The Kitchenary Ritaball has been designed to relieve busy cooks of this monotonous and tiresome task by continuously mixing your meal.

The Electrolux concept comes with a detachable arm that's easy to grip and allows it to charge. While holding this, simply release the hi-tech globe into your simmering supper where it will roll around and keep ingredients moving. Functioning as a mixer and a hand blender as well as a passive stirring mechanism, the Kitchenary Ritaball enables you to customize settings for time, power, mode and it even has a temperature alarm.