The Kit Kat Break Rescuers Save People from Potential Annoyances

 - May 8, 2014
References: kitkat & brandingmagazine
The Kit Kat Break Rescue series revolves around saving people from scenarios where their peace, quiet and the enjoyment of a chocolate bar is disrupted by some thing. In this particular 15-second ad, a woman is seated on a park bench, about to break into a Kit Kat when a "loud talker" comes and sits beside her. Activated by the breaking of the Kit Kat bar, a rescuer on a motorized vehicle comes to save the day by swapping the guy's phone for a conch shell. The confused guy is soon on his way and then the woman is free to enjoy the sweet sound of serenity.

These ads are short and silly, but their ridiculousness is fun and definitely memorable. Other scenarios include rescuing people from bosses, angry dogs and solicitors—if only these rescuers could make real life saves.