'Kissenger' Sends Virtual Kisses via a Smartphone App and Gadget

 - Dec 27, 2016
References: kissenger.mixedrealitylab.org & gizmodo
'Kissenger' is a new device that has the potential to make long-distance relationships a little bit more intimate. The smartphone attachment allows users to send each other virtual kisses in real time through the intermediary of an interesting gadget.

Kissenger comprises two parts: a contraption that attaches to one's smartphone and an app. The physical device is a receptacle with a port that users plug their phones into. At the bottom of the device is a silicon oval that is meant as a stand in for lips. This piece has ultra-precise sensors embedded in it, and it is equipped to register and transmit kisses as accurately as possible. By connecting to the app, users can then use the device to send each other kisses in real time.