Microsoft XBox 'Kinect Effect' Ad Opens a World of Dreams

The XBox Kinect Effect Ad by Microsoft opens users up to a whole world of possibilities through paying tribute to hackers and all that can be done to the Kinect. The motion detector in the XBox Kinect has been used for gaming but this ad dares people to dream bigger.

The advert shows the game console device in different realms such as art, science, teaching, music and more. For example, you see a woman sitting in front of the device passionately playing the violin without any violin in her hands, or a student presents her DNA project virtually, demonstrating it with her hands. The representations are not yet reality but program hacks will make it possible to modify the Kinect.

Through the Kinect Effect ad, for the first time it welcomes the brilliance and creativity of hackers. This ad is a pure shot of inspiration for the future.