This Footlong Gourmet Hot Dog Replaces Sauerkraut with Kimchi

A sauerkraut-topped hot dog may be a popular dish but Kimchi Hot Dogs are looking to replace the iconic meal.

While the usual shredded fermented cabbage has been known to perfectly complement a grilled sausage and sliced sesame bun, kimichi offers gorgeous color along with a kicking spice flavor. Kimchi has been reported to make the perfect accent to hot dogs, whether chicken, beef or vegetarian. The acidic components mesh fairly well with the crunch of the Nori flakes and wasabi peas.

No need for any added condiments, Kimchi Hot Dogs are best served when the kimchi stands alone. Paired with potato chips, french fries or a variety of fresh veggie sticks, these hot dogs are sure to add an unexpected kick to lunch time.