Kim Holtermand Calms the Soul With Empty Environments

 - May 26, 2011
References: & inspirefirst
Believe it or not, the world wasn't always bustling with human activity, and these landscape pictorials by Kim Holtermand capture that experience through depictions of isolated environments.

The most startling aspect of these Kim Holtermand pictorials is its utter emptiness, with its plain gray skies and waters. Looking at these eerie images, they almost seem computer-generated in their serenity. Kim Holtermand also has the amazing knack for photographing these surreal locales during foggy weather, adding a layer of tranquility and creepy ambiance that is hard to capture in urban landscapes.

My favorite pieces however, have got to be Holtermand's photographs of islands. Found in calm waters, these islands are so peaceful and undisturbed that they are barely even recognizable as islands, resembling more so rocks and pebbles found in puddles.