Kim Cogan Captures the Beauty of Everyday City Environments

 - Feb 13, 2012
References: kimcogan.blogspot & juxtapoz
People often overlook just how beautifully constructed their cities are, but that’s not the case with Kim Cogan. He’s made urban scenes the subject of his mesmerizing oil paintings, which highlight the aesthetic appeal of commuting on a subway train or looking at a street corner ice cream shop. Occasionally, he’ll render images of the city from perspectives citizens normally aren’t exposed to – from rooftops for example – and it’s this recontextualization of his surroundings as art that ultimately forces audiences to experience their surroundings in a new and positive way.

Kim Cogan is a Korea-born artist currently residing in San Francisco, California. His paintings are regularly exhibited in galleries in the west and east coast. Those with a keen eye may even identify the locations of certain Cogan paintings.