The Kiibru Squishy Pumpkin is Creme-Scented and Slow-Rising

 - Mar 5, 2018
References: banggood & amazon
There's something instinctively satisfying and therapeutic about super-soft, squishy toys, and the Kiibru Squishy Pumpkin not only delivers that elemental calm, but it adds another sensuous facet as well. Not only is the toy a slow-rising stress release, but it releases scent as well, coming with a creamy aroma to add to the mood.

The Kiibru Squishy Pumpkin comes in three different colors. The standard is an orange toy with yellow splotches, while it also comes with a purple base and yellow splotches or with a bifurcated baby blue and pastel pink color scheme. Naturally, each of these styles is shaped like a pumpkin, with the gourd's familiar ridges and a brown stem sticking out of the top. All three styles come with the same cream scent as well.