This Kids' Scooter Accommodates for Active Students and Heavy Knapsacks

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: mmarkiewicz & yankodesign
For children who can get to and from school by means of physical activity, such should be encouraged. The Kids' Scooter makes the journey much more efficient and enjoyable than walking (as some may feel), but it also helps take a load off where heavy backpacks are concerned.

It almost seems as though, every year, knapsacks are getting larger and larger compared to the proportions of elementary school children. This design by Michael Markiewicz makes sure that no spines are stunted. The handlebar tube of the little push-powered conveyance has a mount incorporated into it so that a special school bag can be attached to the front. A simple reconfiguring of the Kids' Scooter upon arrival enables youngsters to drag their zipped-up notebooks and educational gadgets, just like they would a wheeled suitcase.