The KickSoul Lets You Control Electronic Gizmos With a Kick Of Your Foot

 - Nov 27, 2015
References: & gizmag
The KickSoul is a prototype system, developed by a group of researchers and engineers from the MIT Media Lab, that allows you to wirelessly control a range of electronic devices using kick control. In other words, this technology will make it possible to control smartphones, laptops and other appliances using foot kicks and movements.

The device registers foot movements and relays them to a processor that, using special algorithms, can relay the intended instructions on to the particular gadget.

Given the number of electronic gadgets that people use these days, we're not far away from a time when our hands will be so full of electronic gadgets that we'll need to find another way to control gadgets -- this is where the futuristic and forward-looking KickSoul kick control device comes in.