The KHT House Accommodates for Generational Preferences

 - Jul 8, 2014
References: & dezeen
Tokyo studio International Royal Architecture designed the 'KHT House,' a home wishing to accommodate two generations of family. In order to do so, the architects divided the home into two halves. As a result, the inhabitants of the Yamagata Prefecture home are able to live in the lifestyle they choose without disturbing their house mates.

The home's asymmetrical exterior is achieved with a combination of curved and diagonal beams. On the west side, a two-storey space is situated under a mono-pitched roof. The space, which is intended for the younger family members, is centered around a double-height living room.

Meanwhile, the home's east side is situated underneath a roof that curves upward to create a single-storey space for the elder members of the family to reside.