The Ikimono Series 110 Camera

 - Jun 14, 2008
References: nextbigtrends
Have you seen a real camera as small as a keychain? The newest camera created by Superheadz is tine enough to be mistaken as a simple keychain.

The Superheadz designed camera measures just 40 mm x 30 mm. If placed in a scale without putting in the film cartridge, it only weighs 26.6 grams.

You do not have to worry about its functionality. Even though it is so petite, it can be used to capture your perfect moments. Just place the 110 film cartridge behind by flipping the sides and the back part of the camera.

Actually, this is not a new concept because back in the previous years, this kind of cameras in the format of 110 was widely used. Superheadz seems to be bringing up the old style of shooting. Just a reminder, if you are interested with the camera, make sure first that you know a place where processing of the 110 format is available.

The Ikimono Series 110 camera is for sale at $14.50.