Kerbside Kindness Allows People to Find Kindness Card Rewards

 - Jun 27, 2019
References: & kickstarter
Naomi Lambert, from Perth, WA, has created 'Kerbside Kindness,' a location-based app where users can hide kindness cards that promote doing good deeds. Kerbside Kindness seeks to target younger generations who already interact with augmented reality apps like Pokémon Go.

Kerbside Kindness is based on hidden cards that encourage others to do good deeds. If found, the users will do an act of kindness and record it in the app. Examples of good deeds include: volunteering, paying for a stranger's coffee, and donating. Once completed, the user hides the card to prompt another individuals to complete a selfless deed. Moreover, users can nominate family, friends, and strangers who they have witnessed being kind to others.

The app hopes to promote good deeds in a gamified fashion where users can "compete" on the number of kind acts completed.