Keny Lin Designed the Moon Set to Modernize Chinese Traditions

 - Aug 3, 2018
References: & yankodesign
Designer Kely Lin reimagined the beautiful process of traditional Chinese tea ceremonies with the new Moon set. These kind of ceremonies often take place during traditional occasions in Chinese culture, including weddings or welcoming someone into one's home. These events are often serene, elegant and emotionally-driven. In traditional forms, the water is contained in an unglazed clay teapot, but Lin now elevates the same traditional concepts with a new visual design.

The Moon set resembles its name with a crescent-like structure that has a captivating chrome finish alongside its sleek design. It rests on top of a round foundation that lifts from the ground to raise it even more visually. The tea set is controlled using three buttons on the base foundation that operates its water levels.