The Kenitra TGV Terminal's Weblike Form Intertwines the North and South

 - Mar 13, 2014
References: dascia & archdaily
The very structure of the Kénitra TGV Station seems to reference the goal of the new transit hub. Planned for completion in the year 2017, this project assumes an interwoven composition that's symbolic of tying the Moroccan city together.

The collaborative efforts of Silvio d’Ascia Architecture, Omar Kobité Architecture and Eric Giudice Architects won them the competition to build a high-speed railway station that would link the south and north. It reaches out across the urban landscape to collect passengers from both sides of the tracks with its lightweight-looking extension.

Despite the massive scale of the Kénitra TGV Station, the terminal looks exquisitely permeable. The cladding of the edifice and its grand passerelle bridgeway would be hardly enclosing, for they're made up of trussed trellis structures that remain open from inside out. It serves as a shade and an architectural guide for pedestrian traffic.