Kelsey Mcclellan's Series Shows Clothing with Matching Food Products

 - Apr 5, 2017
References: thisiscolossal & hypebae
Kelsey McClellan, a photographer, and Michelle Maguire, a prop and set stylist, joined forces to create a unique project that speaks to the obsessive nature that social media fanatics focus on particular aesthetics. For some, this means ensuring that their Instagram feed stays "on-brand," and for others, it means constantly photographing the desirable items in their lives, be it expensive clothing or mouth-watering food.

Kelsey McClellan's and Michelle Maguire's project has a highly modern look to it, as the carefully chosen ensembles are a single color, which only sometimes vary in shade. To further enhance this, matching backgrounds are used as well.

In their monochrome ensembles, models, whose faces are cut out of the shots, pose with a food product that matches the rest of their aesthetic. For example, a model in black clothing poses with black licorice, and a model in a lime-colored outfit poses with a matching cone of ice cream.