This Hanging Light by KEHA3 Resembles a Pile of Illuminated Tree Branches

 - Aug 12, 2015
This unique chandelier by KEHA3 resembles a cluster of robotic tree branches suspended from the ceiling. Each of the branches juts out in a strange and intricate form. The branches are pure black with a round curved point. Each branch contains a line of illuminated dots. There is a total of 24 pieces that make up the entire lamp.

The KEHA3 chandelier can be manipulated and rearranged to change the lighting and the style of the overall lamp. Each of the aluminum tubes has its own manipulation ability, making the possible positions seemingly infinite. It is also possible for the user to manipulate the amount of light being projected -- the LED bulbs are connected to a dimmer that allows alternation from bright lights to lower tones.

It is titled the Branch Chandelier, but it also seems to take on the essence of a robotic spider.