Keerthi Venkataramanan Uncovers a Brilliant Way To Recycle Biofuel Byproducts

 - Feb 4, 2011
References: cleantechnica
One downside to the production of biofuel is that it produces a troublesome amount of crude glycerol (about 100,000 gallons per million gallons of biodiesel), but a young scientist named Keerthi Venkataramanan has found a way to mitigate that problem.

Keerthi Venkataramanan has found that a type of bacteria known as Clostidium Pasteurianum actually eats crude glycerol and produces acids that can be used to create three different types of alcohol-based fuel (butanol, propanediol, and ethanol) in the process. The discovery is an amazing one and could drastically improve the sustainability of biofuel manufacturing. Keep up the good work Keerthi!