Pucs are Reusable Solid Stainless Steel Blocks That Keep Your Drink Icy

 - Apr 22, 2013
References: kickstarter
Pucs are rechargeable stainless steel cubes that will keep your drink icy. These amazing cubes can be tuned to the specific temperature of your choice without watering down your favorite drinks and cocktails. Whether it be beer, wine, scotch, a mixed drink and even non-alcoholic beverages, Pucs are the perfect product to handle any chilling task. If this isn’t enough, a room temperature Puc can bring down the temperature of a scalding hot coffee or tea.

Pucs come in sets of six in either a solid Black Walnut or Maple case. These handcrafted cases keep your new product looking sharp and organized. These Pucs are machined from solid 304 stainless steel, they won’t add or subtract from the flavor your drink in any way, and they will not absorb smells or flavors from your freezer. This product is 100% guaranteed not to break in any way and will last forever.