Freshoe Footwear From Fadel Will Keep Feet Cool and Less Stinky

 - Nov 18, 2017
References: & springwise
In an effort to revamp the footwear industry, this Italian company created a graphene-coated shoe to keep feet cool. Fadel collaborated with the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) to design Freshoe to offer a more durable product that offers cooling and reduced odor.

The shoes feature a patented technology that consists of a graphene-embedded polyurethane layer for soles. The sandal-like shoe comes in a variety of different designs, with three models available for pre-order online, all incorporating graphene. This extremely durable material helps keep feet cool and also has antimicrobial properties that will prevent feet from smelling. This means Freshoe is a more sustainable option.

Graphene has other recent applications in fashion, including chic LED-embedded dresses.