The Kali Light is Boxed in Wooden Panels That Function as Lampshades

 - Dec 14, 2013
References: micomoler
More often than not, you're probably used to seeing florescent lightbulbs treated in two or three ways. One of these is certainly not what you've got in the Kali Light. The intense illuminating tube is not bare, nor is it blinded by slats or diffused by a plastic panel; this pendant lamp has been enclosed by five pieces of wood.

Micomoler has taken three strips of lumber that just surpass the length and width of the light source. These have been placed around the brilliant tube with two triangular timber ends to encase it completely. Two leather straps are looped around the pendant lamp at both ends, belting the Kali Light to your preferred height, yet suspending it low enough to receive admiring looks. Obstructed beams escape around the edges to establish an intimate mood.

Photo Credits: Architonic