The Kaleidoscope Watch Will Hypnotize You

 - May 5, 2011
References: grodesign & technabob
Checking the time could become a psychedelic experience, thanks to Gro Design and the Kaleidoscope Watch. The Kaleidoscope Watch is a faceless watch with a color palette that changes as time goes by.

Telling time on a watch with no hands or numbers isn't going to be accurate, and Gro Design knows this -- at least, I assume they do. Time is told using the two dots; the solid one tells the hour and the one with the hollow center tells the minutes. The Kaleidoscope Watch seems to be more about the "experience" of telling time than the actual act. In my humble opinion, the watch could use a little work. Maybe numbers and hands that change color could be included to make the watch less of an art piece and more functional. Decide for yourself and check out the Gro Watch in action in the video here.